We are excited to introduce our SOAR based          Personal Branding Services

Personal Branding Training that provides
Virtual Coaching Pathway Planner Results SOAR Based branding
to minimize turnover

Developing Your Brand Just Got Easier

Team JBJ has positioned itself to help Department of VA veterans achieve higher employment outcomes in transition assistance and reintegration programs by leveraging personal branding strategies, behavioral based assessments, technology solutions and coaching service delivered via an online platform that is accessible via computer, mobile device or tablet through an accredited university.

Why develop your Personal Branding Strategy

Increase the awareness of job fit
Our breadth of performance models can help get everyone on the same page so they know exactly who they’re looking for, and the traits required to be successful in the role.
provide quantifiable data to military veterans about their employability and assist them by providing a process that helps them choose their next career based on job fit utilizing science and research.
Data driven candidate insights help managers assess how well candidates fit the job requirements, and make better informed talent decisions.
Other objectives are to provide a strength-based personal brand, increase individual awareness, and provide quantitative data to military veterans on how they fit compared to peers in the industry. 
With our unique Job Fit feature, we help to objectively compare candidates against the chosen benchmark to understand how well they fit the role requirements.
Low cost 10 hour blended online training, pending WEAMS approval so you can use your veteran benefits to pay for this course.
We offer this program through Governors State University which is an accredited university at the cost of $300.

Our goals is to help with these challenges

The goal of this 10-hour, $300 online program is to increase the employability of military veterans

How can we help you

Increased awareness of job fit for a military veteran.

Decreased unemployment rate of veterans.

Assistance with adjusting to civilian life.

Assistance with finding high paying and viable employment opportunities.

Decrease the feelings of discouragement experienced from preparing for and executing a job search.

Increase of continuation of the military identity.

About BGET Inc

We are experts with dealing with high-risk challenges that require organizational development expertise with critical deadlines and an authorized business partner with Wiley & Sons.  Our goal is to partner with our clients to improve their organizations efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.  Our parent company JBJBusinessGroup Inc is certified in the SBA 8a program, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, and a minority owned business.

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